1. Another unfinished sketch, it seems to be all I post these days.

  2. The Lone Wanderer

  3. Sketch of Arielle Shepard. I’ll try to see if I have the guts to clean it up and color it.

  4. A work in progress of some fanart for Supergiant Games’ upcoming game Transistor. 


  7. doodlesnrants:

    OH MY GAWD!!!! What is up with companies that just don’t read or hear everything you say???!!
    Hold on to your eyeballs folks, because I’m so pissed off right now it’s gonna rain unwanted caps and typos!!

    So, I have this small company called Squish Image, and we print pretty things of stuff…

  8. oh-mrs-o:

    I’ve been seeing this post floating around with these handsome pretty photoshop brushes and decided to see if I could mimic the effects in SAI. I didn’t get all of them perfectly, but I did what I could, while also bringing some unique SAI-ishness to the table that you can’t get in PS. Hope you guys find these useful! 

    (Source: katieourmatie, via tench)

  10. "Patience…"